Craft Your Dream, Inc.

empowers entrepreneurs, creatives, and all Dreamers.

We host events every month that give Dreamers

Information, Accountability, and Community.

Craft Your Dream was founded in 2019

Craft Your Dream Team

Trevón Gross Jr.

Chief Executive Partner
Trevón Gross Jr. Founder of Craft Your Dream, Inc

Trevón Gross Jr. is the Founder of Craft Your Dream, Incorporated. He is a 2018  University of  Virginia graduate  with a bachelor degree in Sociology with a special focus in leadership. Trevón has a desire for people to set goals and achieve them, at a high level.

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Kenneth Bradley

Executive Media Partner
Kenneth Bradley Media Partner of Craft Your Dream, Inc.

Kenneth Bradley is the Executive Media Partner of Craft Your Dream, Inc. Kenneth graduated from Ithaca College in 2018 with a B.A. in Journalism. He has the pure intention to help other people accomplish their own goals and dreams, and he executive this intention through his work as Executive Media Partner.