CYD 2023 Goal, Vision & Mission

Our 2023 Goal is to Fund 100 Dreams

Our Vision is to coach people all over the world to discover their purpose, achieve their ultimate goals, and live fulfilled lives.

Our Purpose is to be an encouraging resource for people that want Support, Empowerment, and Accountability on the way to their goals.

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The Story of Craft Your Dream

I started Craft Your Dream during a time in my life one may consider a crisis. However through a lot of personal growth and a willingness to endure the pain, I found my purpose. Throughout my life I unitentional found myself in so many conversations that started with “So what do you want to do?” or “How do you plan on getting there?” and those conversations gave me energy and life. Before I made this discovery, I was consumed with my identity as a basketball player; that’s what had all my attention and focus. In a period of my life where I didn’t have the game of basketball, I had to find who I really was. Which (Thankfully I will add) led me to creating Craft Your Dream and leveraging my purpose; to help people see their Dream is possible and help them make it a reality.

Core Values