Conversations with Authentic Dreamers
Season 2

Aaron Borroughs
Owner of Homemade Fitness.

Check out this episode as he shares his journey to creating successful habits, balancing his responsibilities, and operating in his purpose.

Marques Johnson
Owner and Head Trainer at Hoop Dream Society.

Check out this episode as he shares his journey to being in control of his time, believing in himself, and his willingness to take calculated risks.

Uzo Njoku
Renowned artist & owner of Uzo Art.

Join us as she shares her passion in art, how she did not let "no" stop her from making her passion a career, and how she applies what she has learned to her life.

Fritz Bondoa
Special assistant to the CEO of Robinhood

Join us as he shares his source of influence, his mindset, his failures, and much more.

Rob Gill
Owner and founder of EPIC Financial Strategies.

Join us as he shares his humble beginnings, leveling up his environment, his learning curve as a entrepreneur, and much more.

Nadia Bangura.
Owner of "The Bang Studio"

Tune in as she talks about how she navigates entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges, her support system, and her legacy.