Meet Trevón Gross Jr.

Man of God. 

CEP of Craft Your Dream, Inc. 

Professional Basketball player. 

Host of the Dream Lifestyle Podcast. 

Ultimate Dream Chaser.

“I firmly believe that any Dream is possible. The work always works. The issue comes in where people allow circumstance, lack of resources, and even the opinions of others hold them back from who they are created to be. I am here on this earth to show people what is possible for their lives and how to get there.”

“Your Dream is possible, as long as you're willing to work for it.”

- Trevon Gross Jr.

I encourage everyone to do whatever is necessary to create the life that they want. In a completely different world than the one we grew up in, it is crucial that we start operating differently.

I am straightforward in my perspective on lifestyle, habits, mentality, Solar System, purpose, and communication. As a results coach, it is my job (which I take very serious) to help my clients identify their fears, limiting beliefs, and excuses and do whatever it takes to get rid of anything that is holding them back. 

Crafting Your Dream Lifestyle

A Dream is only tied to a singular position. What Trevón urges people to create a Dream Lifestyle because a lifestyle has to do with so much more than just a position in life. It speaks to the way your view yourself, the way you feel about your life, and the way you impact the people around you.

Trevón created the Dream Society to be a place where people come to learn strategies to take control of their life, so that they can create generational freedom. The Dream Strategy Summit, Momentum Gravity Event, and Power Gravity Event are the place to be in order to take your life to the next level —check out all the details HERE!


“One of my biggest regrets is not believing in myself for a period in my life. When I made the mental decision to adopt The Power of One mentality; my life changed and that is what I want to empower people to do. Once The Power of One mentality is in place… any Dream Lifestyle is possible.” – Trevón Gross Jr.