The Purpose Program

What is the Purpose Program?

The Purpose Program designed to help you discover your purpose and improve your mindset by examining your Beliefs, Behaviors, and Emotions.

Joining this program will help you not only shift your perspective towards your life; it will improve your quality of life. Partnering with Trevon, you will get weekly group coaching calls for 3 months with exercises and homework so the growth lasts. The groups are intended so that you understand you are not alone. This program is your opportunity to break out of limiting beliefs and destroy fears that are holding you back from your Dream and your purpose.  

Who is the Purpose Program For?

This program is meant for you to discover your purpose and develop an excellence mindset to accomplish your biggest goals.

You will learn more about yourself, learn more about your Dream, and become confident in yourself to achieve your Goals.

Being coached for a better mindset will help you stay accountable with doing your personal work as well as form a relationship that will empower you to stay the best version of yourself.

Benefits of the Mindset Program

This program is in-depth, but will give you massive personal growth.

Getting coached on your Beliefs, Behaviors, and Emotions will shine light on your blind spots that will reveal your God given greatness.

When you complete this program you will see:

Increased Confidence

You will get a better understanding of your identity and your purpose. When you understand who you are and what you are meant to do, you will have a power that nothing can take from you.

Less Hesitation

You will not hesitate when it comes to taking actions in your day to day process to your goals because everything that is holding you back from taking action will be identified and destroyed.


The actions that you will take as a result of the program will get you results that will move you closer to your ultimate goals.

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